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Capital Vanguard is a risk management resource firm established in 1997 to provide credit , risk management and business management services to financial and non-financial sectors of the economy.

Over the years we have provided services to several institutions and facilitated establishment of an industry association , Risk Management Association of Nigeria. Capital Vanguard has recently developed and deepened competences in “people risks” to focus on the critical role of managing people for organizational effectiveness.

We leverage on the resources, skills and experience of Free To Grow International. Free To Grow is working with organisations to enhance employee engagement levels whilst also empowering HR practitioners to play facilitating roles in the process.   Learn More


Framework for Managing Human Capital Risks

Enterprise Risk Management is on the ascendancy as a model for managing organizational risks across many industries, especially in the energy and financial sectors. This has come with frameworks, policies and systems to manage risks. However, it has been realized that these systems and processes are only as effective as people want them to be. Often overlooked is this 'people' angle. We therefore work with you to identify potential 'people risks' and articulate approaches to managing them.

Organisational Culture and Risk Management

In approaching the soft side of risk management, we work with you to identify and manage individual behaviours, through their daily activities in the workplace, to minimize the potential for loss to the firm. Aligning individual behaviour to organizational priorities and values is a challenge that, if not deliberately managed, can adversely impact on business objectives.

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  Implementing EE Strategy

at what stage of your employee engagement journey are you? We facilitate processes to enable your organization articulate an EE Strategy that takes you from wherever you are to an 'embedded' stage.

  Employee Engagement Survey(EE)

We recommend surveys appropriate to your organization not only to measure levels of engagement but also to obtain the confidence of employees in the process. This will give credibility to the implementation of survey outcomes.

  EE Workshops

- Our EE process includes developing and facilitating engagement sessions/ workshops to equip employees with the skills and attitudes required for the engagement journey. These are determined after interacting with you and identifying your core needs.

  Brand Alignment

Oftentimes many organizations spend enormous resources on re-branding projects such as change in logos, t-shirts, branded materials and various other activities. We specialize in internal branding that produces the 'real brand' values and image you want to project. Our consistent target is to achieve positive behaviour changes that translate into higher work performance.

  • Are your employees living out your brand?
  • Are your customers 'feeling' your brand and is it translating into higher patronage?

  • Change Champions- we also work with organizations to identify and equip informal leaders who accelerate adoption of change through their ability to motivate, drive and inspire others.

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    Strategic Partnerships

    We represent Free To Grow International in Nigeria as Country Associates to deliver Employee Engagement and Learning & Development programs.
    Free To Grow is based in Cape Town and is a leader in people management across the continent.

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